Mis Amores restaurant is a project born in 2019 by five Mexican guys with a passion for their traditional food. Their company started a few years before with the production of tortillas with the use of a specific robot bought in Mexico.
Because of their past connection with this industrial machine, they also wanted to have an industrial feeling space. I decided to give a lot of importance to the tortillas robot, which is the heart of their restaurant and company. I place it in the middle of the dining space, inside a glass cage, creating the feeling of being inside the museum of their history.
This also gives the possibility for customers to understand the process of tortilla making and create an intriguing space for possible workshops, plus transmitting a sense of transparency and trust towards the customer.
With this move I also gained more space in the kitchen, which was otherwise relatively small.
Mexican atmosphere is found by the use of bright colors and tiles, walls are kept mostly empty in order to host temporary art shows by Mexican artists.

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